The TOUGHBOOK™ FZ-G1  tablet offers a fluid user experience while providing crucial port connectivity and feature rich options in a compact size. Designed for highly mobile field workers, it’s the thinnest and lightest fully-rugged 10.1" tablet powered by a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ Processor with a MIL-STD-810G, 4ft. drop and all-weather IP65 dust and water-resistant design.  Add to that an HD daylight-readable 10-point multi touch + digitizer screen, and it becomes an essential tool for field workers.

   ** This model includes: Windows 10 Pro, Intel Core i5‑6300U 2.40GHz, 10.1" WUXGA Gloved Multi Touch + Digitizer LCD, 256GB Solid State Drive, 8GB, Wi‑Fi, Bluetooth, Dual Pass (Ch1:WWAN/Ch2:GPS), Camera, Webcam, TPM 2.0, Toughbook Preferred


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Intel® Core™ i5-3437U vPro™ Processor – 1.9GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.9GHz – Intel Smart Cache 3MB
Dimensions (W x H x D)
10.6"(L) x 7.4"(W) x 0.8"(H)
Integrated Features
Choice of GPS, Serial, Ethernet, MicroSD or 2nd USB 2.0 port7
Headphones/speaker Mini-jack stereo
Interface and Expansion USB 3.0 + HDMI ports; optional dedicated GPS; Serial, Ethernet, MicroSD or second USB port
Optional 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ-45
Optional 2nd USB 2.0 4-pin
USB 3.0 (x 1) 4-pin
Hardware and Software Genuine Windows 7 (with Windows 8 COA upgrade option) - Third-generation Intel® Core™ i5vPro™ Processor
Panasonic Utilities Including Dashboard, Recovery Partition
Panasonic Utilities, Recovery Partition Including Dashboard
Windows® 8 Pro 64-bit (with Windows® 7 downgrade option)
MIL-STD-810G certified 4-foot drop and all-weather IP65 dust and water resistant design
Optional rotating hand strap*
Port Covers
Pre-installed replaceable screen film For LCD protection
Pre-installed replaceable screen film for LCD protection
IP65 certified sealed all-weather design*
Magnesium alloy chassis*
Raised bezel for LCD impact protection*
128 GB SSD
8 GB
10.1" WUXGA 1920 x 1200 with LED backlighting
Expansion Slots
Micro SD Optional
Integrated microphone
Realtek high-definition audio
Integrated speaker*
On-screen and button volume and mute controls*
3MP rear camera with auto focus and LED light
720p webcam with mic
720p webcam with mic and camera on/off indicator
Keyboard and Input*
10-point multi touch + digitizer screen – Supports bare hand touch and gestures and electronic stylus pen
7 tablet buttons (2 user-definable)
Integrated stylus holder
On-screen QWERTY keyboard*
Interface & Expansion*
Docking Connector* 24-pin
HDMI* Type A
10/100/1000 Ethernet* Optional (RJ-45)
Optional Serial (True)* D-sub 9-pin
Power Management
Suspend/Resume Function, Hibernation, Standby, ACPI BIOS
Bluetooth v4.0 + EDR (Class 1)
GPS receiver
Intel centrino Advanced-N 6205 802. 11a/b/g/n
Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 802.11a/b/g/n
Optional dedicated GPS (Available Summer 2013)
Optional integrated 3G Gobi 3000 mobile broadband
Optional integrated 4G LTE mobile broadband
Wireless Options Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and optional 4G LTE or 3G Gobi™
Dual high-gain antenna pass-through*
Battery Operation* 8 hours
Battery charging time* 2.5 hours off, 3 hours on
AC Adapter: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz*
Security Features*
Computrace theft protection agent in BIOS
Intel Anti-Theft Technology
Optional SmartCard reader
Password Security: Supervisor, User, Hard Disk Lock
Trusted platform module (TPM) security chip v.1.2
Trusted platform module security chip v.1.2
Kensington cable lock slots x2*
3-year limited warranty, parts and labor*
Dimensions & Weight*
10.6"(L) x 7.4"(W) x 0.8"(H)
2.4 lbs.
Integrated Options*
3G Gobi™3000 mobile broadband
4G LTE mobile broadband
Power Supply
AC Adapter: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Battery operation Approx. 8 hours
Li-Ion battery pack (10.8V, typical 4400mAh, minimum 4100mAh)
Li-Ion battery pack (10.8V, typical 4400mAh, minimum 4100mAh))
2.4 lbs.

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